How To Use the EFCS System

The EFCS System is not just a bag. Many design elements went into the construction of this system – from the layered shell made to withstand extreme temperatures, up to the automatic suppression system. How do you use this system? When the first sign of a possible personal device fire occurs such as burning smell or smoke, remove the battery if possible and place inside of the EFCS bag or place the entire device inside of the EFCS bag. Arm the suppression system by removing the arming pin, and relocate the bag to a non-critical location in the aircraft. The suppression system will then automatically deploy when the temperature inside of the EFCS bag rises above a set temperature. Even if the suppression sytem were not to deploy, the EFCS bag is constructed to contain extreme temperatures and will also contain a dramatic amount of smoke. Should a fire threat not ever be realized, a device placed inside the EFCS as a precaution can always be removed unharmed when you arrive at your destination.

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