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Fire Containment Concepts, LLC. is a growing Ohio based company, established in 2014 by a veteran Aircraft Maintenance Technician with over 30 Years experience in the Aviation industry. The co-owner/ CEO first became aware of the extreme heat, dense smoke, and explosive nature that lithium battery fires with a personal experience in 2011 while performing maintenance on a company operated aircraft.

Fully aware of consumer dependency on lithium battery powered devices specifically that of the aviation industry, he set out to create a comprehensive fire containment tool to minimize this danger for the entire aviation community. Fire Containment Concepts has been dedicated to advancing fire safety with innovative products designed to contain, relocate and extinguish fire hazards. We have assembled a team of industry experts and quality craftsman to produce and help evolve our products. Each product is manufactured to exact design specifications, tested, inspected and certified by licensed aircraft technicians right here in the USA. The safety our your aircraft and its passengers are our first priority.


Our products are handcrafted with pride in Hartville, Ohio of only the finest fire proof materials available.  

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