What’s Your Plan at 30,000 Feet?
Are you prepared for an on-board lithium-ion fire? Our products will protect your passengers and crew.
Striving To Make The Skies As Safe As They Are Friendly
Lithium-ion fires are a real threat to the safety of aircraft and the people on board, make sure you are protected.
Ever Stop and Think How Many Devices Have Lithium Ion Batteries?
The average person has three lithium ion battery operated devices on them per flight
Designed To Work In The Confined Quarters of The Cockpit As Well
Our units come in various sizes to work in tight places like the cockpit, as well as more spacious areas like the cabin
Quality Craftsmanship & Attention-To-Detail
At FCConcepts our products are hand-made right here in the USA and are held to the highest standards
With Millions Of Lithium Ion Batteries In The Skies Each Year, Safety Is First Priority!
Our Fire Containment Concepts Devices Will Make Flights Safer For Passengers and Crew

Welcome to Fire Containment Concepts. We Produce The Only Commercial Grade Firebag That Both Contains and Suppresses Lithium-Ion Battery Fires.

We offer a FREE BAG REPLACEMENT if your bag is ever used in an on-board fire event!

How Does The PED Fire Safe System Work?

We Produce Industry Leading Fire Containment and Suppression Technology

There are several fire containment systems out there, but none compare to our PED Fire Safe and PED Safe PAK. Our system is the only one in the industry that contains and automatically suppresses on-board lithium-ion battery fires. We use only high quality materials and hand craft our systems in the USA. When purchasing a FCConcepts product, you can rest assured you have the best for your aircraft.

The Original EFCS Training Video

PED FIRE-SAFE™ Training Video

It is important to understand the threats lithium ion batteries present and ho to contain them. Our training video explains the risks, and how to prevent an in-flight catastrophe. Learn step by step how to use the device and how to properly test and maintain them over time.

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Is the lithium-ion battery fire threat real?

Should you be concerned with personal device fires in an enclosed environment – like an aircraft? What are the facts? What if it happened to you?

As of April 1, 2019, 254 air/airport incidents involving lithium batteries carried as cargo or baggage that have been recorded since March 20, 1991

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