Return Merchandise Authorization

Instructions for Return:

Step 1: Complete this (RMA) Form and return to You will receive a an authorization RMA number, quote for Services if applicable, and a return location based on your proximity to an authorized service facility.

Step 2: Utilizing the depressurization tool provided with purchase and Instructions within the Customer booklet page C-6 release stored pressure suppression system per instructions.

Step 3: Prepare the EFCS for shipment utilizing original shipping box. If a replacement shipping box is needed please (X) this on the bottom of this form. This Box was designed specifically to protect the EFCS during shipping.

Step 4: Ensure your shipment is packaged securely and return with a copy of your RMA to the provided address.

Step 5: If expedited service is required please (X) this on the bottom of this form. You can also contact us directly 1(800) 877-2204 or email us at:

Download the RMA Form here... RMA Form

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