Our Product LineUp


PED Safe-Pak™

Suggested for cockpits and small cabin aircraft.

Effectively contains:
Tablets, cell phones, power banks, and other small devices.


PED Fire-Safe™

Suggested for small to medium cabin aircraft.

Effectively contains:
14” compact laptops, phones, iPads, power banks and other small PED’s.


PED Fire-Safe™

Suggested for medium to large cabin aircraft.

Effectively contains:
Defibrillators, sweeper heads, Headphones, 17” laptops, phones, Tablets, Toys and
other larger sized PED’s.


Original EFCS
16", 20", 24"

Designed to safely contain and automatically suppress fires and resultant smoke of most Personal Electronic Devices carried on board aircraft.


Thermal-Guard Gloves

Included with every purchase!

These are no ordinary gloves. These gloves will not ignite or burn even when exposed to temperatures exceeding 2600°F