May 10, 2017

PED Fire-Safe to be distributed by Aviall

The PED FIRE-SAFE is a new fireproof bag ( or fire containing bag ) designed for personal electronic devices that have the potential risk of overheating. The PED FIRE-SAFE has the ability to sense hazardous overheating from a device contained in the bag and then deploy an extinguishing aqueous agent. One of the advantages of this fireproof bag is that the contained device itself does not get harmed unless it overheats to a hazardous level.

PED FIRE-SAFE Fireproof bag

Aviall, a subsidiary of the Boeing Corporation, has signed an agreement to be the exclusive worldwide distributor.

The Aviall press release.

Fire Containment Concepts President and CEO Brian Burkett stated. “We were approached by many suppliers around the world, however Aviall was the right partner for us and our new PED FIRE-SAFE fire containment system was the right product for them to distribute.”

You can get a good description of the PED FIRE-SAFE fireproof bag with this video link.