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JetBlue flight diverted after laptop battery catches fire.

A JetBlue flight from New York to San Fransisco was forced to land early after a fire was started by a lithium battery in a personal electronic device – in this case a passenger’s laptop. JetBlue Airways Corp. said reports of “smoke emitting from a carry-on bag holding an electronic device” caused Flight 915 from […]

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PED FIRE-SAFE™ to be distributed by Aviall

The PED FIRE-SAFE™ is a new fireproof bag ( or fire containing bag ) designed for personal electronic devices that have the potential risk of overheating. The PED FIRE-SAFE™ has the ability to sense hazardous overheating from a device contained in the bag and then deploy an extinguishing aqueous agent. One of the advantages of this fireproof […]

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