The Lithium-ion Battery Threat – is it real ?

Aviation Incidents Involving Batteries and Battery Powered Devices As of May 19, 2014, 144 confirmed air incidents involving batteries carried as cargo or baggage which have experienced Smoke, Fire, Extreme Heat or Explosion have been recorded since March 20, 1991. (FAA Office of Security and Hazardous Materials Safety) Recalls of Batteries & Battery powered […]

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JetBlue flight diverted after laptop battery catches fire.

A JetBlue flight from New York to San Fransisco was forced to land early after a fire was started by a lithium battery in a personal electronic device – in this case a passenger’s laptop. JetBlue Airways Corp. said reports of “smoke emitting from a carry-on bag holding an electronic device” caused Flight 915 from […]

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PED FIRE-SAFE™ to be distributed by Aviall

The PED FIRE-SAFE™ is a new fireproof bag ( or fire containing bag ) designed for personal electronic devices that have the potential risk of overheating. The PED FIRE-SAFE™ has the ability to sense hazardous overheating from a device contained in the bag and then deploy an extinguishing aqueous agent. One of the advantages of this fireproof […]

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Aircraft Fire Containment – Fire in the Cabin.

Lithium ion battery fire.

Aircraft Fire Containment Peace of mind while flying in an aircraft is crucial. There is little room for mechanical breakdown or pilot error. There are systems designed and installed in aircraft to prevent or fight fires in critical aircraft systems and infrastructure, for example: extinguishing systems to fight engine fires. But what about aircraft fire […]

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Emergency Fire Containment System Certifications Disclosure

EFCS Certifications Disclosure.pdf Excerpt: The Emergency Fire Containment System has been classified by the Federal Aviation Administration as meeting the criteria to be classified as a carry on item and thus requires no additional certification at this time. Fire Containment Concepts, LLC working with an aviation certification company contacted numerous Federal Aviation Administration District offices […]

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Cold Fire

COLDFIRE GENERAL INFORMATION.pdf Excerpt: Cold Fire is a UL listed Wetting Agent for Class A and B fires [I]. Cold Fire was tested in accordance with UL 162, UL 7 I1 and NFPA 18 requirements for Wetting Agents. Cold Fire is unique; however, in comparison to most wetting agents, as it has the capability to […]

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DOT 4B CYLINDER – Regulations for Cylinders

DOT 4B CYLINDER CFR-2012-title49-vol3-sec178-50.pdf Excerpt: Manufacture. Cylinders must be manufactured using equipment and processes adequate to ensure that each cylinder produced conforms to the requirements of this subpart. No defect is permitted that is likely to weaken the finished cylinder appreciably. A reasonably smooth and uniform surface finish is required.

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